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Spray painting machine for pigeons

Spray painting machine adds color to grey feral pigeons. Pests become partners in city beautification?  Great questions raised by this artwork by Julien Charriere and Julius von Bismark.


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Urban birdhouse/sculpture on the High Line in New York City

A lovely public art project by Sarah Sze! These stylish birdhouses cluster on both sides of the elevated High Line walkway in New York city. Will birds move in? There is enticement in the food trays attached to the stainless steel bars. Fruit and seeds are regularly put into them and I did see a video of a bird eating there. Even though the modernist stainless steel bars do not seem very “natural”, I think birds might figure out that they are somewhat like branches, when they get inside the structure it would be hard for predators to swoop in and grab them. Human predators included.

More about the project on the High line website:

In the New York Times review of summer public art:

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