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a short history of my interest in pigeons.1

Yoshio Komatsu, Earthen Pigeon Houses, pg. 319, BUILT BY HAND Vernacular Buildings Around the World, by Athena Steen, Bill Steen and Eiko Komatsu, Gibb Smith Publisher, Salt Lake City © 2003

I trace my interest in pigeons to a seemingly inessential discovery of and visual seduction by this photo of clay pigeon towers–I am in love with these raw towers randomly punctuated with holes and sticks like wild hair for perches.

Stage two.  Cursory reading.  I am led to an admiration of the simplicity of the agriculture–of the ancient consensual relationship between humans and pigeons: pilfered grain and seeds in exchange for squab, housing in exchange for guano (fertilizer in the middle east, for growing voluptuous Persian melons.)


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