Pigeons must be mourning

Pigeons must be mourning the death of Oscar Niemeyer, their greatest modern architect. He made a very stylish house for them in Brazil. New York Times reports his death today. He was 104.

 The dovecote designed in 1961 by Oscar Niemeyer on the Praça dos Três Poderes in Brasília, Brazil. Material: concrete.


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Spray painting machine for pigeons

Spray painting machine adds color to grey feral pigeons. Pests become partners in city beautification? http://ow.ly/ehT3S  Great questions raised by this artwork by Julien Charriere and Julius von Bismark.

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Turn culled pigeons into pigeon pie, says councillor – Telegraph

In Royston, pigeons are to be managed by culling (no mention of culling methods). Other management methods discussed–killer hawks, avian contraceptives and disuading pigeons from roosting with fire gel (a new optical product that repels pest birds by creating the optical illusion of fire).

fire gel  source

According to leader of the council, Bob Smith, “The problem with fire gel is that it would only repel them from wherever we put the gel and we can’t smother the entire town in gel.”

 Turn culled pigeons into pigeon pie, says councillor – Telegraph


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squabblog development

Because we are getting questions about our Coshocton, Ohio PIGEON MANAGEMENT and RELOCATION PROJECT (to be installed  Spring 2012) we are building a FAQs page as part of this blog.  See tabs.

Considering that it is not something we hear frequently, we have opted to post the question “Can pigeons read?”  here on the homepage. (How to best organize and make accessible the multiple facets of a project? This is forever a quandary.)

So. Can pigeons read? Obviously not.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/jabbg/3526247256/

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Have been wondering about most photographed birds, thinking the pigeon has to be right up there. Indeed it is! 5th in line as far as my limited research tells me.

According to flickr 9.14.11 search results, ducks are first by a long shot (2,075,972,) followed by eagles (1,511,931) and then swans (925,360.) Robins next (875,159,) That’s four. Pigeons 5th (549,506.) Interestingly, food images show up on the first page of duck photos whereas pigeon doesn’t show up as food until pigeon photo pg. 13.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse images appear by pg. 5. There end up being a fair amount of them. Later and much fewer–photos of Pigeon Falls, Pigeon Cove, Pigeon Park, Pigeon Lake, The Pigeon Detectives, Pigeon John, Pigeon Toe Ceramics, pigeon pose….

If you do a google image search for the same birds (ducks, eagles, swans, robins and pigeons) the numbers get totally unwieldy but maintain their relative order.  Except robins end up on top due to a confusion with Robin Williams and Batman.

Fitting nicely with the ordering theme of this post, found this photo of MissCharity’s on flickr pigeon pg. 40.


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Urban birdhouse/sculpture on the High Line in New York City

A lovely public art project by Sarah Sze! These stylish birdhouses cluster on both sides of the elevated High Line walkway in New York city. Will birds move in? There is enticement in the food trays attached to the stainless steel bars. Fruit and seeds are regularly put into them and I did see a video of a bird eating there. Even though the modernist stainless steel bars do not seem very “natural”, I think birds might figure out that they are somewhat like branches, when they get inside the structure it would be hard for predators to swoop in and grab them. Human predators included.

More about the project on the High line website: http://www.thehighline.org/about/public-art/sze

In the New York Times review of summer public art:

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Your Dog’s Poop May Be Spreading Infections In The Air

Wow, it turns out pigeon poo in the air is not the only thing we need to worry about!

Recent research, published in Applied and environmental Microbiology, shows that the air in some Midwestern cities is populated by the same bacteria found in dog excrement. More from the article in Health Enclave: Your Dog’s Poop May Be Spreading Infections In The Air.

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